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Zodiac Socks

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The stars have aligned and the Powder Zodiac socks are ready to transport your feet to a galaxy far far away! With cute designs for every star sign, show off your cosmic characteristics with the super-soft bamboo socks. These cute designs are perfect for gifting, as each pair comes with a gorgeous gift bag for that special someone. As long as you remember their birthday, you can send something thoughtful and practical! See the images to check which star sign matches their birthday!

Leo: Loyal to your friends and generous in nature... Except for when it comes to sharing the wine... Grrrrr!

Virgo: Very thoughtful and considerate. You are also a perfectionist, not a cobweb in sight in your home!

Libra: Your need for harmony shines through as kindness and honesty. Because, who doesn't want peace, man?!

Scorpio: Loyal and mysterious in nature. No one ever did manage to solve the mystery of the missing chocolate bar, shhh...

Sagittarius: Balanced and positive, you're the friend others look to for advice when making the big decisions like; what shall I wear?!

Capricorn: Full of wisdom and considerate, you are a driven individual who works hard. You have the shoe collection to prove it!

Aquarius: You are a free spirit with a heart of gold. Your friends can always rely on you for a good time!

Pisces: You enchant people with your imaginative and ambitious mind. Sometimes dreams really do come true!

Aries: Brave and passionate, you are also the life and soul of the party - always the last one left on the dance floor!

Taurus: A social butterfly, others are drawn to your curious personality. Who knows where you'll be fluttering off to next?!

Gemini: Most struggle to keep up with your wit and intelligence but your friendly nature and charm helps them to!

Cancer: Highly sensitive, you're a kind and caring person who's always the first to reach for the tissues in the sad part of a movie!

Women's 4-9 UK 65% Bamboo, 15% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 10% Elastane Machine wash at 30 degrees